Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date for Gen2 Flowsaber?

Our initial Kickstarter campaign in 2017 garnished a massive following of loyal and curious supporters who want to see just how far we can push the limits of high performance lightsaber designs. We want to thank everyone for their continued support over the years!

Currently we anticipate the release of our next Gen2 Flowsabers in the early summer of 2020. Our new model will feature some significant performance and mechanical upgrades. We are currently in the pre-production phase for Gen2 and will release a more definitive date once we complete this phase of production. This is a very exciting time for us both as a company and as a fan of martial and performance arts. Your continued support and patience is greately appreciated :) MTFBWY! <3

What is the price of Flowsaber?

With the release our of Gen2 Flowsaber anticipate costs around the $400 dollar range. We are going to be including some significant upgrades in this new model which will both increase the performance of the saber and make it even more bad-ass!

What makes Flowsaber so different from other sabers?

Flowsaber isn't just designed to look pretty and withstand a beating like other saber brands. This is a high-performance martial arts tool that has been painstakingly crafted from the ground up to perform above and beyond the typical saber designs that exist today. Flowsaber feels exactly like a real balanced sword and performs like one too. Each saber is balanced and weighted with a unique precisely weighted pommel and thin diameter grip maximizing performance and capability. This unique design allows the user to perform moves and patterns that are not possible with a typical unbalanced stunt saber.

How can I order Flowsaber?

Flowsaber is made exclusively in single batches to ensure the highest quality design and build. Currently we are in pre-production for our Gen2 Flowsaber which will be available later this year! Upon completion of pre production we plan on taking pre-orders for a limited time only. Our subscribers will be the first to be notified when Gen2 Flowsaber becomes available so that they have plenty of time to secure their purchase before we move onto our scheduled production phase.

Can Flowsaber cut things in-half?

You'd be surprised how often we get this question. Although Flowsaber is designed for martial arts, its unique, high-tensile strength polymer blade cannot cut through solid objects. It is however extremely durable and can withstand quite a beating!

Can I spar with Flowsaber?

Yes! We hope you will. It is extremely durable and designed for proper martial arts combat, as well as battles in your living room! Flowsaber's unique high-precision design incorporates perfect balance and handling specifically for martial arts.

How does Flowsaber light up?

It's a secret. We can't tell you. (It's thousands of tiny fireflies working in carefully choreographed unison - assisted by a powerful interchangeable light emitting diode).

Our Gen2 sabers are getting a huge upgrade in this department.. so hang tight!

Does Flowsaber have sound?

You are welcome to go "Zhooooom" every time you turn it on but no, it does not contain a sound-emitting device. In order to create the most durable, reliable and cost effective design, we chose to exclude unnecessarily fragile components like a speaker or soundboard.

Does Flowsaber come in different colors?

Of course! We designed Flowsaber with a unique "plug and play" circuit allowing you to easily change LED color modules.

How long does the battery last?

Flowsaber's Panasonic Li-ion 18650 batteries provide up to 3.5 hours of spin time on a single charge and can be interchanged with an additional battery whenever you run out of juice!

Is Flowsaber for kids or adults?

It's for everybody. (Don't grow up - it's a disappointing paradigm).

How can I learn how to spin Flowsaber?

Although there is no right or wrong way to use Flowsaber; free online tutorials from professional martial artists and spinners are available on our website and youtube channel.

What can I do with Flowsaber?

Use Flowsaber to dress up and look bad ass, for real martial arts combat, or to get off the couch and have some fun. Using Flowsaber is seriously fun and addictive. It's a fantastic way to excercise and hone your mind-body connection.

Why would I chose Flowsaber over a "normal" stunt or replica lightsaber?

Flowsaber has a very unique design that allows you to perform moves and patterns that the typical unbalanced stunt saber simply cannot. When it comes to martial arts, performance arts and general usability thin diameter hilt = WAY better. There's a reason why traditional swords aren't designed with the diameter of a soda can! So we engineered Flowsaber to maximize performance by featuring an incredibly thin hilt without any protruding buttons or greebles.

When you hold a typical "xyz" stunt saber next to a Flowsaber there is an immediate and indisputable difference between the overall "feel" of the two sabers. One feels like a cheap, light plastic toy and the other could be mistaken for a real sword.


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