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Carbon Fiber Hilt

Carbon Fiber Hilt

Flow Arts:

Flowsaber Carbon offers a range of hilt lengths to suit your needs and preferences. Our "standard" length hilt is 16 inches long and is suitable for both single saber and saber staff configurations for flow arts and hybrid sparring/flow. This hilt length is ideal for freestyle manipulation and flow but can also be used for sparring. If you prefer a longer hilt length, we offer custom lengths up to 18 inches.


Dedicated Sparring:

For sparring, we recommend a shorter hilt of 9 inches "sparring standard" paired with a 30+ inch blade. A 9-inch hilt length is extremely consistent with most extremely high-performance historical longsword designs. If you prefer a longer hilt length for sparring, we offer custom lengths up to 18 inches.


Hybrid Sparring and Flow:

Some people prefer to choose a hilt length between sparring and flow styles. For this, we recommend a hilt length of anywhere between 12 and 16 inches. This will still provide a comfortable surface length for flow arts/spinning manipulation whilst also being very comfortable for a standard longsword-style grip for sparring applications.


One of the unique features of Flowsaber Carbon is the modular design of our hilts. This allows you to easily swap out one size for another on the fly, giving you the flexibility to use your Flowsaber Carbon for multiple applications, such as dedicated sparring, Flow Arts, and saber staff. If you can't decide which configuration you prefer, consider getting multiple hilt lengths (one for sparring and one for flow arts).

  • Flowsaber Carbon Saberstaff works with a 16"+ hilt length ONLY.

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