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Assembled Blade

Assembled Blade


NeoPixel: Our 27" thin wall flow blade is recommended


Base lit and Stunt:

  • Single Saber Flow Configuration: Our 27" standard thick wall blade is recommended

  • Saberstaff Configuration: Our 25" thick wall blade is a great choice as it is suitable for both single saber and saber staff configurations.

  • Sparring Configuration: A thick wall blade with a length of 27" or above is recommended for most people when paired with a 9" sparring carbon fiber hilt. For taller individuals (over 6'), a slightly longer blade of 27"+ may be preferable.



Flowsaber Carbon offers two blade thickness options: thick wall and thin wall. We recommend our thin wall for neopixel blades and thick wall blade options for stunt and base lit models which provides a beautifully smooth balance point when paired with our flow, hybrid and sparring pommels.


Please refer to the following Blade Chart Guide for more detailed information on blade length and thickness options:

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