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Flowsaber Carbon (Base Lit Core)

Flowsaber Carbon (Base Lit Core)

Flowsaber Carbon Base Lit is the perfect choice for those who want a durable saber for both sparring and Flow Arts. This model features our brand-new modular hilt design and is equipped with the Golden Harvest V4 Soundcard, which allows for programmable RGB Tri Cree XPE2 LEDs and motion-actuated sound effects.


We recommend using a thick wall blade with this saber. 

Each Flowsaber Carbon Base Lit comes with a charger and a single battery. Whether you're a seasoned martial artist or just looking for a fun and interactive way to exercise and express your creativity, Flowsaber Carbon Base Lit is a perfect choice.

  • Flowsaber Carbon allows you to fully customize your lightsaber experience by offering the option to choose from four main components. The first component is the Core, which includes the blade adapter and LED/sound options. The Carbon Fiber Hilt is the second component, which can be customized in length and style to suit your preferences. The third component is the Pommel and Pommel Adapter, which can also be customized to your liking. The fourth and final component is the Blade, which comes in various lengths to fit your desired setup. With these customizable options, you can create a lightsaber perfect for your needs and preferences.

    • Core (Blade adapter and LED/sound)
    • Carbon Fiber Hilt
    • Pommel & Pommel Adapter
    • Blade


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