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Stunt Core

Stunt Core

Our Flowsaber Carbon Stunt Core is the perfect choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option for sparring and flow arts. This core uses a single Cree XPe2 LED, which provides a bright and vibrant light for your saber. It does not have sound or scrolling LED functionality, but it still performs exceptionally well in both single saber and saberstaff configurations.

If you already have a Flowsaber Carbon saber and want to upgrade to a saberstaff, all you need is a second Stunt Core (with battery), an additional blade, and a second battery. This allows you to save money and customize your saber to your specific needs and preferences.Please note that we do not recommend using a blade longer than 25" for saberstaffs, unless you are exceptionally tall. Our Flowsaber Carbon Stunt Core does not include a blade, so be sure to add one to your cart before completing your purchase.

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