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Flowsaber Carbon Gen.3 Hilt

Flowsaber Carbon Gen.3 Hilt


Elevate your customization with this hilt accessory, encompassing a carbon fiber tube (hilt) and the essential internal adapter component for a seamless connection between your core and pommel. Please note that this accessory does not include a blade holder (core), electronics, or pommel. Designed for versatility, it is compatible with both Xenopixel and base-lit cores, providing you the flexibility to adjust the length of your hilt according to your preferences. Tailor your Flowsaber Carbon Gen.3 to perfection with this essential accessory.


Flow Arts:

Designed for flowing and contact manipulation, this 15-inch hilt provides ample space for tricks and stunts, catering to the preferences of professional Flow Artists.



Slightly shorter than our standard Flow hilt at 12 inches in length, the Hybrid option excels in stage combat environments while maintaining versatility for contact manipulation. If you lean towards a shorter, lighter hilt for contact sword manipulation, this option is your ideal choice.



Our shortest hilt option, measuring 9 inches, is tailored for effective use with our sparring pommel, creating a well-balanced fencing tool reminiscent of a traditional longsword. When paired with our flow pommel, it adds the bonus ability to perform contact manipulation.



Please be aware that the specified lengths do not incorporate the dimensions of the pommel or blade holder. Both of these components contribute an additional approximate length of 5.5 inches to the total measurement of the saber, extending from the end of the pommel to the top of the blade holder.

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