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Flowsaber Carbon Gen.3 Pommel

Flowsaber Carbon Gen.3 Pommel

Flow Arts:

Introducing our newly refined Steel Flow Pommel – a masterpiece of precision and elegance, setting a new standard for lightsaber craftsmanship. Enhanced with a cutting-edge impact-resistant rubber mold, this pommel ensures unprecedented levels of safety for both you and your saber during flow arts, stunting, and contact manipulation. Seamlessly combining sophistication with security, it's a symbol of uncompromising excellence.



Meet our steel sparring pommel—thinner, sleeker, and flawlessly balanced for the discerning fencing enthusiast. Designed without the impact-resistant rubber mold, this pommel offers a streamlined profile, ensuring optimal performance in lightsaber fencing. Your saber fencing club won't just notice; they'll be left in awe of the refinement and precision this pommel brings to the arena.



Our hybrid pommel maintains a similar weight to our flow pommel but skips the impact-resistant rubber mold, resulting in a lower profile ideal for sparring. Recommended for those seeking a faster roll speed in contact manipulation or desiring a versatile pommel for combined fencing and flow arts.

  • You do not need seperate pommel adapaters for different pommel weights/sizes. One single adapter will work with ALL Flowsaber Carbon pommels. 

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