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Flowsaber Carbon Gen.3 (Xenopixel Core)

Flowsaber Carbon Gen.3 (Xenopixel Core)


Experience the pinnacle of lightsaber technology with the Flowsaber Carbon Gen.3 Xenopixel Core—our top-of-the-line choice for enthusiasts seeking unrivaled LED effects and immersion. This core, featuring a full Xenopixel LED strip, transforms your saber into a mesmerizing display of light and color during flow arts and stunting. While ideal for dynamic performances, we recommend lighter fencing styles with this core and blade type to preserve its intricate LED components. Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled visual spectacle and cutting-edge technology with the Flowsaber Carbon Gen.3 Xenopixel Core, the epitome of our craftsmanship.

  • Flowsaber Carbon embodies a decade of meticulous saber design, streamlining your experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of customization anxiety—we've curated the most optimal configurations for you. Choose between our three primary setups, "flow", "fencing" or "hybrid" expertly tested and designated for your convenience. The versatility of our carbon fiber core allows seamless swapping between configurations, eliminating the need for multiple sabers. Opt for both options and effortlessly adapt your saber to suit your ever-changing preferences. With two core types, xenopixel and base lit, both powered by our advanced Gen.3 Soundboard, we cater to your specific needs. For heavy sparring, embrace the robust simplicity of the base-lit core, while the xenopixel option offers the most immersive experience for those seeking heightened visuals and effects. Simplify your journey with Flowsaber Carbon – precision-engineered for your unique journey in the saber world.

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