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Pommel & Pommel Adapter

Pommel & Pommel Adapter

Flow Arts/Spinning:

Our Steel Flow pommel is perfectly suited to users primarily engaged in flowing and spinning, rather than sparring. Crafted from heavier steel material, it offers exceptional balance and control for flow arts and freestyle manipulation, is low profile, and looks fantastic. It's highly compatible with our standard 27"+ thick and thin wall blades. This flow pommel is perfectly compatible with any hilt length ranging from 9-18 inches and is designed to create a balance point toward the center of the hilt for advanced contact manipulation and stunting regardless of what blade you use. 


The Acrylic Flow pommel is the highest performing pommel we offer for Flow Arts manipulation, providing a wider circumference and reducing rotational speed to provide a more stable roll and balance point for advanced stunts and manipulation. The only disadvantage of this pommel type is that some prefer the visual aesthetic of our lower-profile steel pommels. However, the Flowsaber team personally loves the look and feel of the translucent acrylic flow pommels and considers them the "go-to" choice for performances and advanced flow art practices.


Steel Hybrid Pommel:

With a total weight inbetween our steel sparring and steel flow pommels, this pommel is slightly lighter but continues to pair well with a thin wall blade for "ultralight" flow configurations. 



For those primarily engaged in sparring with our 9-inch+ hilt size, the Steel Sparring pommel is the ideal choice. It's constructed to reduce the overall weight of the saber and provide a balance point that suits HEMA-style martial arts and combative sparring techniques. Whether you're a seasoned sparring enthusiast or a novice, this pommel is an excellent option for improving your skills and technique, as it feels incredibly smooth and delivers a handling experience on par with the most finely balanced longswords. This is our lightest pommel


Pommel Adapter:

Our universal electronic pommel adapter is included with every complete Flowsaber Carbon purchase, making it easy to customize and upgrade your saber over time and try out different pommel and hilt configurations. It allows for easy and quick swapping of pommels, as well as the ability to connect a battery inside the pommel. The adapter is compatible with any Flowsaber Carbon pommel type, allowing you to easily tailor your saber to your specific needs and preferences.

Our pommel is designed to be easily swapped using the high quality threads and a new innovative quick disconnect feature our pommel adapters. This feature enables you to customize your Flowsaber Carbon to suit your specific needs and preferences, whether you're practicing Flow Arts, sparring, or both.

  • You do not need seperate pommel adapaters for different pommel weights/sizes. One single adapter will work with ALL Flowsaber Carbon pommels. 

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