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Replacement Blade Tubes

Replacement Blade Tubes

If you plan on doing a large amount of heavier contact sparring, we definitely recommend buying a replacement blade tube! This is the most likely part of a lightsaber to break, and luckily also the cheapest part.

  • Our standard 25" thin wall blade is perfect for flow arts and freestyle manipulation. It provides an incredibly stable balance point for performance martial arts, is lightweight, and is a well-rounded length for every other application, including saberstaff. See our blade length guide for the exact total lengths with each configuration. Suppose you are tall (over 6'). You can either use our standard setup with universally well-designed geometry or opt for a slightly longer blade 26"+. Conversely, Children using Flowsaber or anyone under 5' may consider a slightly shorter blade (either a 24" or 23" length).

  • We offer the ability to adjust blade thickness to increase weight and durability for sparring or decrease weight and improve agility for better manipulation. We recommend thin wall blades for most scenarios due to the impressive balance distribution with neopixel strips and reduced overall saber weight. However, If you plan on only sparring, we also offer thick wall blades with heavier pommel options.

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