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Unlock Your Potential with Flowsaber Carbon

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Welcome to the world of Flowsaber, where we understand that a lightsaber is far more than just a toy. It is an exquisite instrument with the power to unlock your true potential in martial arts and flow arts. Introducing Flowsaber Carbon, the epitome of illuminated sabers. Meticulously engineered and masterfully crafted, Flowsaber Carbon embodies the pinnacle of performance. With its precisely calibrated weight, flawless balance, and impeccable geometry, this masterpiece is tailored to meet the demands of elite martial artists. Whether you are a seasoned martial artist or a flow artist seeking to elevate your skills, Flowsaber Carbon is your ultimate companion.

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Flowsaber Carbon Gen.3


flowsaber carbon gen.3 exploded view

Flowsaber Carbon is a revolutionary saber that allows you to customize your hilt and pommel to your specific weight, length, and balance preferences. Our modular carbon fiber hilt and customizable pommel improves the balance and geometry of the saber, making it suitable for a wide range of martial arts and flow arts practices. Whether you're fencing, practicing flow arts, or just looking for a unique and customizable saber, Flowsaber Carbon has you covered.

flowsaber carbon gen.3 core



Flow Arts & light fencing

Base Lit

Flow Arts & Full Contact Fencing

Introducing Flowsaber Carbon Core, the centerpiece of your custom illuminated saber. Our interchangeable Core holds the blade and all electronic components, giving you complete control over your saber's performance. Choose from two different configurations specific to your preferred activityOur Gen.3 Soundboard powers both Xenopixel and Base-Lit Cores providing a truly immersive sound and light experience customizable with your smartphone

Xenopixel: Scrolling LED source effects with sound (enhanced LED patterns and blade effects)

Base Lit: RGB base lit LED source effects with sound

flowsaber carbon gen.3 pommels

Our state-of-the-art pommel system, crafted from robust steel, has undergone three generations of refinement to achieve the pinnacle of design. Shaped for excellence in flow arts and fencing, this system now introduces a breakthrough custom impact resistant rubber mold, elevating impact resistance for both surface drops and body contact, prioritizing safety without compromising performance. In a nod to versatility, we proudly offer three distinct pommel shapes. The first two, tailored for the fluid movements of flow arts, boasts an ideal design. The third, dedicated to fencing, features a slimmer profile and reduced weight for precision and agility, catering to the diverse needs of our discerning users.



Flow Pommel


Fencing Pommel


Hybrid Pommel

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Crafting Excellence in Martial and Flow Arts

At Flowsaber, our mission is an unspoken covenant with martial and flow artists, guiding us in the crafting of unparalleled contact lightsabers. Imbued with a dedication to excellence, we draw from timeless sources to meticulously shape bespoke, high-quality lightsabers. These instruments transcend mere tools; they are gateways, beckoning individuals to lose themselves in the present moment, unlocking concealed potential through the exquisite artistry of flow and martial arts. Join us on a journey where unwavering commitment intertwines with artful precision, and the pursuit of perfection becomes a shared passion, empowering individuals within the martial and flow arts community. We invite you to experience the pinnacle of prop design—a symbol of modernity, deep understanding, and uncompromising quality.

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