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Meet Flowsaber

"The most advanced stunt saber on the planet."


Flowsaber is the world's first stunt saber designed with every aspect of performance in mind for spinning, sparring, and martial arts. Not simply another prop or toy sparring saber - It's a precision-balanced sword.

How To Order Flowsaber

Our subscribers are the first to receive updates and priority purchase invitations. Flowsaber is made exclusively in single batches to ensure the highest quality product. We are currently in pre-production for our Gen2 Flowsaber which we anticipate early-mid 2021.

"Due to the recent pandemic, our 2020 summer production has been postponed. Thank you for your continued support and patience while we embark on this epic journey!"

Conner McCarthy

Founder, CEO & Designer of Flowsaber


The Saber Re-imagined

Flowsaber combines a precisely weighted pommel with a thin 1-inch diameter grip making it easy to spin, spar and even perform moves you've never imagined possible with a stunt saber.


How It Works

Flowsaber's unique system of weight distribution combines the best of modern and traditional sword designs. We take into account weight, length, diameter, structure and of course balance. This translates into the smoothest and most versatile martial arts weapon you have ever held - on par with the highest caliber swords and martial weaponry.

Key Features


Anodized scratch & dent resistant aircraft grade T6 aluminum


High-strength polycarbonate blade


High-powered Interchangeable

Cree LED module


Thin 1" diameter grip
No edges or raised surfaces


Optimized for sparring, stunting and flow arts


Precision engineered balance point for sparring and Flow Arts


Sparring Blade: 880 grams total 

Flow Blade: 800 grams total 


Rechargeable li-ion

3400 maH Panasonic 18650

Run time: 3.4 hrs



"...this thing just melts into my hands. This is by far the most comfortable and well balanced saber in my collection. Nothing else compares."

- Backer #101

"This is the most unique saber I've ever seen in my life, even compared to the most expensive custom sabers." - Backer #49

"After comparing this to the other sabers in my collection I can't ever go back to using them, the difference is night and day. These guys clearly know what's up when it comes to designing a quality product."

- Mike


The Flowsaber Team

We are a team of world-class martial artists, engineers, and cosplayers all sharing the same dream - to create the coolest weapon in the galaxy. We do this through a rigorous R&D process to ensure the highest quality product for our valued fanbase.


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